Easy shade

Dometic Oceanair Skysol Precision
Pleated blind for large windows and aft patio doors

Skysol Precision is a simple pleated blind that can be fitted to a doorway – it simply lifts up with a touch of the hand, and pulls effortlessly back down again. This ease of use makes it a practical solution for a frequently used aperture.
  • Lightweight
    Easy to use
  • Compact when stowed
  • Magnetic hold
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Ideal for aft patio doors

With its easy to use operation, Dometic Oceanair Skysol Precision is ideal for use on doors, where quick and convenient access in and out is needed. Simple to lift and position at any height, Skysol Precision is lightweight and will help to shade the interior during sunny days. Not only does this remove glare from the sun, it also helps to maintain a comfortable on-board temperature on the hottest of days.
Ideal for aft patio doors
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Dometic Oceanair Skysol Precision
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    • Magnet hold prevents rattling noises
    • Minimal fabric stack when stowed
    • Lightweight makes it effortless to use
    • A range of privacy honeycomb fabrics
    • Perfectly suited to aft patio doors, including child safe design
    • Deploy and hold at any height

Compact, cost-effective & child safe

Dometic Oceanair Skysol Precision is a cost-effective compact pleated blind for yacht windows. The blind can be pulled down and left in any position due to an inbuilt mechanism that provides resistance when the blind is pulled down or pushed up. This is a large advantage for boaters when regulating onboard natural light and temperature, saving on energy costs, whilst ultimately helping to create perfect onboard ambience. This blind uses magnets, no cording or string, integrated discreetly behind the bottom rail, which prevent the blind from rattling, whether stowed or fully deployed. Complying with the EU Directive on Child Safety with Blinds, the Skysol Precision is free from conventional guide wires and leaves a completely open and clear aperture when stowed. The elegant blind can accommodate a wide range of window sizes and inclines, the compact and affordable Skysol Precision complements the Dometic pleated blind range providing consistent interior shading solution for sunroofs, hatches, companionways and portlights.

Compact, cost-effective & child safe

Lightweight, easy to use and child safe

Big, bold, glass patio doors are great for entertaining. They flood the yacht's interior with light and expand the view outdoors. However, they can also let in excessive heat and reduce privacy. Dometic Oceanair Skysol Precision is capable of covering large recesses and is the ideal solution for aft patio doors. This smart shading solution has been thoroughly tested for use at sea. With an in built resistance mechanism, Skysol Precision can be deployed and positioned at any height, helping you to regulate light and temperature on board. The beautiful chrome handles, combined with a lightweight design and convenient magnetic hold, make the blind easy to operate. It's also child safe and will neatly stow away into a compact stack when not in use.


SKU number 9600023476 
Model SMP 
Product Description Pleated blind for large windows and aft patio doors 


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