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Better food delivery

Boost the quality of your food delivery

The high-quality food segment represents a huge business opportunity for food delivery services. But to maximize its potential, it’s critical to ensure that when the consumers order delivery, they get the same quality of food as when dining out.

Dometic DeliBox makes it possible to preserve the quality of the food delivered all the way to the customer’s table. This high-quality food delivery system features active heating and cooling make it easy to maintain the right temperature throughout the journey and smart storage ensures food is not disturbed in transit.


Quality ensured by DeliBox

Deliver more. Make multiple stops while still ensuring food quality with the Dometic DeliBox. The dual heating and cooling zones keep food at desired temperatures, and that keeps customers happy. And now you can expand your market and deliver groceries, deserts and cold drinks thanks to the DeliBox´s unique cooling zone. Mount a DeliBox on a two-wheel or four-wheel vehicle to grow your business and improve customer satisfaction.

Happy customers are what counts

“Securing the right temperature and food quality through the Dometic DeliBox is a game-changer. A happy customer is the only thing that counts to us.” - Oscar Johansson founder and CEO, Favo

Dometic DeliBox – packed with benefits

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