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Dometic Oceanair Rollerblind PrecisionRise

Roller blind with precision control

The Dometic Oceanair Rollerblind PrecisionRise takes advantage of a ratchet control system that allows the blind to be positioned and held at any height. A light push or pull on the hem bar, raises or lowers the blind to the exact height needed.

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Manual or powered (12 V DC, 24 V DC or mains) operation available

Range of stylish fittings available

Durable aluminium hardware

Chain operation

Guide wire or side tracks available for securely held taught blinds

Classic roller blind look

Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system





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Rollerblind PrecisionRise


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Dometic Rollerblind PrecisionRise - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA16

Installation and Operating Manual


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Range of options gives freedom of choice

Range of options gives freedom of choice

From fixings to restraints, Dometic Oceanair Rollerblinds can be customized through a variety of different options. This flexibility allows you to choose your desired finish, with a wide range of stylish fabrics. From complete blackout to softer, light filtering sheer, create the ideal ambience with the freedom of choice.

Why Choose a Roller Blind?

Why Choose a Roller Blind?

Compact, discreet and practical in their design, roller blinds provide excellent shading qualities. Whether very large or very small, hand operated or motorised, there is a roller blinds treatment to suit every window. With a vast range of fabrics, textures and colours available, you'll be sure to find the perfect solution to meet your every interior design need.

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