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Dometic Oceanair Skysol Day/Night

Manually operated pleated blind for small and medium sunroofs

Skysol Frame is our manual control, elegant pleated roof blind. The blind arrives readily assembled for ease of installation.

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Suitable for slim recesses

Suitable for inclines

Powered operation available for effortless control (24 V DC)

Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system

Choice of manual control options

Choice of fabric types and colors

Available with white, beige or grey hardware

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Designed to meet the harsh marine environment

Designed to meet the harsh marine environment

One of the biggest challenges facing boatbuilders is the harsh marine environment. When creating a luxury craft with a comfortable, low-maintenance, living area, that includes all of the necessities of modern life without compromising on space - builders and designers constantly seek to overcome the obstacles like UV exposure, salt, water, limited installation access, privacy and extreme climatic conditions from arctic environment to tropical. All of our marine blinds are developed, with thorough testing of the fabrics and components, ensuring that they withstand the harsh marine environment.

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