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Dometic Oceanair Skysol Pleatedshade

Fabric pleated blind for portlights and small windows

The Skysol Pleatedshade is available in a choice of colored fabrics and can be tailored for simple-shape application. Offering a softer finish on windows, Dometic Oceanair Pleatedshade is suited to use in the saloon. Its light diffusing properties can create an easily adjusted ambient lighting throughout the day – perfect for a relaxed atmosphere.

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Create a soft and warm interior lighting

It accommodates simple shapes

Selection of easy to use hold-down and hold-up options

Available in white, beige and light grey

Portlight frame-fix available

Available in standard sizes as well as custom design

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Dometic Oceanair Skysol Pleatedshade - Installation Manual AMER/APAC/EMEA(zxx)

Installation Manual

Custom designed to fit simple shaped windows

Custom designed to fit simple shaped windows

Skysol Pleatedshade can be tailored to fit perfectly with simple shaped windows and portlights on your yacht. Thanks to the Pleatedshade's fabric, which allows some light to filter through, it effectively creates a feeling of warmth and a relaxed ambience on board. When combined with the soft pleated finish this blind offers, the Pleatedshade is ideal for shaped windows in the saloon.

Stylish Shading Solution

Stylish Shading Solution

Our Skysol Pleatedshade blind provides the perfect shading for small portlights and windows onboard any boat, meeting the challenges of controlling light and temperature, whilst creating privacy and a great ambience onboard. Dometic Oceanair Skysol Pleatedshade is part of our range that has specially been designed to offer a simple streamlined selection suited to every boat owner - it is simple and quick to install and will enable a shading that enhances your travel experiences away from home.

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