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Dometic VacuFlush 4809

Ceramic Toilet

VacuFlush 4800 series toilets bring water-efficient flushing and all-ceramic luxury to a new level. Choose between two flush modes to conserve water without sacrificing the powerful, bowl-clearing performance of the VacuFlush marine toilet system.

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Elegant design of home-like comfort

Contemporary shape
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Contemporary shape

Compact footprint to fit in most any head compartment


OSTRZEŻENIEZagrożenie nowotworem lub chorobami układu

Space-Saving Design

Space-Saving Design

Dometic 4800 Series all-ceramic VacuFlush toilets bring water-efficient flushing to a new level. Boatowners can now choose between two flush modes to suit their personal preference and conserve resources – without sacrificing the powerful, bowl-clearing performance of Dometic’s VacuFlush system. Dometic VacuFlush 4800 series toilets feature an angled back and small footprint to fit snugly against hulls or other angled walls in small head spaces. While using as little as 0.08 gal/0.3 l per flush (less than one pint), its potent vacuum energy delivers a powerful, bowl-clearing flush every time.

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