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Dometic SeaStar SSC81

Big-T Dual Station Steering Cable, 18'

The Dometic SeaStar Big-T SSC81 type cable is a dual station rotary cable. These cables have a threaded nut connection for easy installation and a trapped nut that stays in place during cable routing. SSC81 type cables feature stainless steel output ends.
Номер артикула: 9130005585
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How to measure dual stations

For a Dometic Big-T dual station steering system, the cable required is SSC81AxxBxx, where xx = the lengths of the two cable sections in feet. The letter “A” in the part number represents the cable routing path distance between steering stations. The letter “B” represents the cable routing path distance from the lower station to the engine/rudder area. The different cable lengths are available in one-foot increments only.
Dometic SeaStar SSC81
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    • For Inboards up to 34' with dual stations
    • Threaded nut connections at both ends
    • Trapped nut engine connection stays in place during cable routing
    • Outer jacket is constructed with HDPE, a high density polyethylene material that is abrasion resistant and provides a high resistance to water penetration
    • Output ends are constructed of stainless steel material for corrosion resistance
    • Exceeds ABYC safety standards and ISO/IMCI/NMMA certification requirements
    • For use with a Dometic Big-T helm, SH5000P

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Артикул (SKU) 9130005585 
Модель SSC81 
Описание изделия Big-T Dual Station Steering Cable, 18' 
Размеры: глубина изделия 27 "
Размеры: высота изделия 20 "
Размеры: ширина изделия 3 "
18.00 feet
Вес нетто 10.47 lbs
Размеры: глубина упаковки 27 "
Размеры: высота упаковки 20 "
Размеры: ширина упаковки 3 "
Вес посылки 10.47 lbs