Dometic PerfectWall PW 3500

Wall mounted awning

With this smart, high-performance awning, there's nothing in the way of you and uninterrupted views of the great outdoors. So, go on – pull up a chair and relax.
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Enjoy the great outdoors

A touch of a button is enough to extend the Dometic PerfectRoof PR 4500. It’s worth it, even for short stops on the journey. This awning does its job without requiring any support legs; it uses a heavy duty, patented arm joint instead. The benefit: complete freedom of mobility, all of the space under the awning roof can be used! If you want to secure the awning with support legs when the power supply is off, you can use the Dometic WeatherKit included in the set. The PR 4500 is suitable for almost all vehicles that allow roof mounting. It is a perfect choice for tall vehicles too, because there’s no need to turn a crank handle.
Enjoy the great outdoors
Patented arm joint
Patented arm joint

Extremely heavy-duty, key to use without support legs


A full-length installation bracket ensures easy assembly and extra stability

Sensor protection
Sensor protection

Retracts the awning automatically in stronger winds, protecting against damage

Remote control (included)
Remote control (included)

At the touch of a button – shade within seconds

Dometic motorhome hiking mountain
Dometic PerfectWall PW 3500
...And more
    • Quick and easy to use thanks to an integrated high-performance motor with remote control function.
    • With no support legs to restrict comfort and views – just park and relax
    • Escape the sun's glare throughout the day by simply altering the angle accordingly
    • Smart wind sensor retracts awning automatically in high winds.
    • Made from a tough vinyl material with a transparent acrylic coating
    • Self-supported: the entire space in front of the vehicle can be used
    • Dometic WeatherKit included as standard

Room with a view

With no support legs to interrupt the landscape, the Dometic PerfectWall PW 3500 is the ideal choice for those who prefer to take in the full view. At the touch of a button, the remote control operated awning provides ample shade and protection from sudden rain showers. And if the wind picks up, no problem: the PW 3500 retracts automatically, thanks to an integrated wind sensor. A smart awning for savvy tourers.


SKU number 9103303279 
Product Description Wall mounted awning 
Projection 2500 mm
Dimensions product width 4770 mm
Color White 
Cloth color Silver 
Fabric type Polyester 
Drive assembly operation type Power 
EAN-13 4000907014274 
Dimensions parcel depth 5000 mm
Dimensions parcel height 180 mm
Dimensions parcel width 210 mm
Parcel weight 51 kg