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Powered Coolers Buying Guide

Pack More Into Your Adventures

Choosing the right Powered Cooler

From thermoelectric coolers to a compressor box, 12V car coolers to outdoor coolers – your cooler is as individual as you are. In order to find the best cooler for you, your car and your everyday traveling needs, here is a buying guide to help you choose your portable cooler.

What is a powered cooler?

Powered coolers are high-tech coolers with a compressor and other mechanical components. These coolers hook up to an energy source 12V DC (Car) or 110V AC (Home) and then use that energy to power those mechanical components and chill its contents.

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Powered coolers pack more space

Bring more of what you love on your next adventure. Traditional passive coolers rely on ice to keep your food and beverages cool in a 2:1 ratio, 67% of an ice cooler's storage is space consumed by the ice needed to chill contents. Imagine how many more moments by the campfire you could have with 3 times the amount of food and cold beverages.

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How does a powered cooler work?

Dometic powered coolers quickly cool down to refrigeration or freezing while maintaining a consistent temperature, even in extreme heat - no ice needed. As long as a powered cooler is hooked up to a power source, they work just like your home fridge.

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Protecting your car battery

Dometic power coolers have battery protection software that actively monitors inbound power usage and will turn the cooler off if it senses low voltage from your car's battery. No need to worry about a dead car battery and bringing your powered cooler on your next road trip.

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Picking the right size

Our full powered cooling range includes various models, from an ultra-compact cooler that's perfect for a single person to one that can hold enough to keep a whole family full. There's a powered cooler to fit all your needs, from weekend getaways to multi-week journeys.

Meet the CFF Series

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Flexible cooling

The Dometic CCF series offers the perfect entry-level powered cooler to upgrade from a traditional ice cooler. The digital control system allows you to run the CCF’s single interior compartment as a refrigerator or freezer and keeps its interior as low as 0 °F. A sturdy, compact design ensures a great companion for your next adventure.

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Innovative access and portability

Designed with an innovative double-sided opening lid allowing access from either side, makes the CFF series an excellent choice for close quarters in your RV, boat, or the back of your vehicle. Lightweight glass filled nylon and steel handles are comfortable and make carrying the CFF easy.

Pick Your CFF

Dometic CFF 45

Dometic CFF 45

Mobile compressor cool box, 44 l

Dometic CFF 35

Dometic CFF 35

Mobile compressor cool box, 34 l

Meet the CFX3 Series

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Built for the outdoors

The Dometic CFX3 series is built for tough outdoor use. Featuring a heavy-duty yet lightweight ExoFrame design with integrated fender frame protected edges creates a rugged design. Aluminum alloy handles provide durability and years of adventure. The soft-touch control panel features a scratch-resistant cover and an IP65 rated housing to protect against dust and water splashes.

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Intuitive technology

The CFX3 series features an easy to read High-Resolution Color Display and soft-touch buttons, enabling seamless control and monitoring cooling performance. The CFX3 series offers a mobile app with a full suite of diagnostic tools to continually monitor your cooler and provide data on historical temperature and energy consumption. Smarts alerts will notify you if you leave the lid open.

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Pure cold, minimal power

The Dometic CFX3 features our most advanced cooling system. With over 50 years of expertise in cooling system design and manufacturing, the technology deployed in the CFX3 allows the cooler to reach -7º F while using less power than a 60W lightbulb.

Pick Your CFX3

Dometic CFX3 35

Dometic CFX3 35

Mobile compressor coolbox, 36 l

Dometic CFX3 55

Dometic CFX3 55

Mobile compressor coolbox, 55 l

Dometic CFX3 25

Dometic CFX3 25

Mobile compressor coolbox, 25 l

Dometic CFX3 75DZ

Dometic CFX3 75DZ

Mobile dual-zone compressor coolbox, 74 l

Dometic CFX3 45

Dometic CFX3 45

Mobile compressor coolbox, 46 l

Dometic CFX3 55IM

Dometic CFX3 55IM

Mobile compressor coolbox with ice maker function, 53 l

Dometic CFX3 95DZ

Dometic CFX3 95DZ

Mobile dual-zone compressor coolbox, 93 l