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Dometic Hub Set Up with camping furniture

Dometic HUB Series

Free-standing, inflatable activity shelters

Your basecamp, ready in seconds

Introducing the Dometic HUB, your ultimate outdoor activity companion. Our fully customizable inflatable personal shelter can be set up effortlessly in any location. Whether it´s free-standing on the beach, next to your campervan, or connected to a 4x4, revel in instant protection from the elements. Crafted with lightweight materials and featuring a fully inflatable frame, the HUB boasts a compact pack size, perfect for carrying on your back or throwing in the trunk of your car, ready for your next adventure.

Dometic HUB

The ultimate in customization. Adapt the HUB to suit your needs. Start with the base shelter and add annexes, mesh panels, wall panels and connection tunnels to fit estate cars, SUVs and campervans.

Experience HUB



"The Dometic HUB feels like a home away from home. A portable place to stay that gives me access to my activities when out on adventures"

Malin Hanning, Nature Photographer, @malin.hanning

    Dometic HUB 2 REDUX

    Featuring our new sustainable lightweight polyester woven with yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, the Dometic HUB 2 REDUX ensures fast, reliable personal shelter whenever you need it, all while being environmentally conscious.

    Experience HUB 2 REDUX
    man standing under Dometic Hub, free-standing shelter



    "The Dometic HUB 2 REDUX is one of the best camping gadgets ever. It's flexible to use, sets up quickly, takes up very little space in your luggage and makes you feel at home wherever you go."

    Jan Pallmer, Landscape Photographer @janpallmer

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    What is an Outdoor Activity Shelter?

    An Outdoor Activity Shelter is a versatile structure that can be used in any environment. Its unique features, durable fabrics and clever design allow you to easily move from one great outdoor location to another – ensuring you’re the first to hit the trail at sunrise or surf the last wave during daylight. Paired with our range of mobile power, coolers, and camp furniture, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, right from your personalized basecamp.

    How does Dometic AirFrame Technology work?

    Patented AirFrame Technology sees a conventional steel and fiberglass frame replaced with interlinked inflatable AirPoles, enabling you to easily inflate and deflate in no time at all.

    Individual AirPoles are linked together, allowing the entire product to be inflated from a single external inflation point. The entire AirFrame is easily deflated through quick release deflation valves at the base of each leg as each AirPole is connected there is no need to deflate each AirPole individually.

    Additionally, Dometic AirPoles are well protected and require no maintenance. With no poles to snap, the AirFrame is far more durable than conventional poles. Suitable for both hot and cool climates, the AirFrame can even handle extreme changes in temperature.

    Can I stay the night in the Dometic HUB?

    You sure can! Customize your HUB with accessories such as the Dometic HUB Mesh Panels, the Dometic HUB Annexe or the Dometic HUB Inner Tent to make it more comfortable to spend the night in. The possibilities are endless – add it to your SUV or campervan to create more livable space or set it up on its own; it’s all up to you.

    Is the Dometic HUB water- and weatherproof?

    Featuring Weathershield™ Pro fabric, the Dometic HUB is made of durable, waterproof, and lightweight double-coated polyester fabric. Spending your time outdoors in a hot, sunny climate? This fabric also provides UV protection, perfect for providing a shady spot to relax after a morning or afternoon of activities.