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Dometic FreshLight 2200

Roof air conditioner with window for vehicles up to 7 m, 2050 W

The world's first roof air conditioner with integrated rooflight, ensuring ideal temperatures without compromising on natural light from above. Suitable for vehicles up to 7 m in length.

Art nr: 9102900165

Product Highlights

A patented distribution system
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A patented distribution system

That steers cool, dehumidified air in the required direction without dust and dirt

Fast air circulation!
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Fast air circulation!

In the active ventilation mode, stale air is drawn out of the room.

Air flow control
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Air flow control

Switch to direct air flow left or right, and up or down

Block out
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Block out

Single-pleat blind for roof window

LED lights
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LED lights

LED lights dimmable at the touch of a button on the control panel or remote control.

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Roof window allows natural light from above into the caravan or motorhome.

Roof window with active ventilation system and single-pleated darkening screen

Cool or warm air at the touch of a button

Energy-efficient cooling mode and heat pump system for heating mode

Cooling capacity: 2050 W / 7000 BTU/h

Heating Capacity: 2700 W

Individual air flow regulation with automatic blower control

Control panel with integrated, dimmable LED lights

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Freshlight 2200

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AirCon, Remote Control, User Manual, Installation Material, Installation Manual

Product Description

Roof air conditioner with window for vehicles up to 7 m, 2050 W

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Operating Manual

DoC conf FL2200

Declarations of Conformity

Dometic FL1600, FL2200 (Freshlight) - Figures and Installation Manual EMEA16

Installation Manual

Dometic FL2200 - Operating Manual EMEA16

Operating Manual

DoC conf Freshlight 2013

Declarations of Conformity

The unique combination of an air conditioner and window

The unique combination of an air conditioner and window

For these innovative air conditioners, there’s no need to sacrifice the roof window – quite the contrary. With Dometic FreshLight, the window is already built into the air conditioning unit and the result is perfect temperatures on board a caravan or motorhome with natural light still coming from above. Available in two performance categories.

Buying the best motorhome air conditioner

Buying the best motorhome air conditioner

Dometic FreshLight gives you all the convenience of an air conditioner without compromising. This air conditioner provides you both with cool air and natural light. With active ventilation, you get better air inside your caravan or motorhome, and the dimmable LEDs add further luxury to your living area. With the pleated darkening curtains you can also get a light dark and cosy feeling inside during the bright summer nights. Wait there's more! With the user-friendly remote control, you can easily control the temperature and ventilation settings. You can set a specific temperature or use various modes such as automatic mode, cooling, heating and ventilation. It simply adapts to most needs. Enjoy!

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