Dometic FreshWell 3000

Under-bench air conditioner for vehicles up to 8 m in length, 2700 W

Conveniently housed in the under-bench storage area in motorhomes or caravans, this provides an efficient space-saving air conditioning solution for vehicles up to 8 m in length.
RRP incl VAT : 9105306670

Cooling for all vehicles of all sizes

Is the under-bench storage space still free? Then there are a number of reasons for housing the air conditioner there: no roof load, and the centre of gravity and outside dimensions of the vehicle remain unaffected – meaning the vehicle will still fit under the carport at home. With the Dometic FreshWell 3000 we offer the most compact underbench air conditioner available in the category up to 2700 watts. Dometic FreshWell 3000 is superbly quiet in operation. Its air diffuser system generates a pleasant air stream, which is distributed evenly over three air outlets with the help of accessories. The outlets can be positioned in the vehicle as required – concentrated at one point, and also in different rooms. With the matching DC kit, your underbench air conditioner can even be used while driving.
Cooling for all vehicles of all sizes
Remote control
Remote control

Convenient activation of all functions by remote control

Air distribution
Air distribution

Adaptable air distribution system concentrated either in one area or in different rooms

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Dometic FreshWell 3000
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    • Under-bench position means the vehicle's height is unaffected
    • Cool or warm air at the touch of a button
    • Soft-start for reliable start-up at campsites with low electrical protection
    • Cooling capacity: 2700 W / 9200 BTU/h
    • Heating Capacity: up to 3000 W
    • Quiet air circulation
    • Lightweight and compact unit
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Under-bench air conditioner

Once the FreshWell 3000 has been installed, the air distribution system can be customised to meet individual preferences using the supplementary accessories. It provides the option of concentrating all three air outlets in one place and directing them onto one single point. Alternatively, the vents can be fitted on different places inside so that the air streams the area. All of the functions can be effortlessly activated by remote control: ON/OFF, the temperature selection, blower speed and operating mode. The digital display on the remote control shows the setting selected.

Under-bench air conditioner

Warm or cool air on demand

The compact Dometic Freshwell 3000 fits neatly in an under-bench storage space and yet packs a punch with a cooling and heating system sufficient to maintain a comfortable temperature in vehicles up to 8 m in length. Its under-bench positioning means no extra roof load meaning the vehicle's rooflight, centre of gravity and height remain unaffected. Quiet air circulation and three blower speeds allow the ideal climate to be maintained with the greatest of convenience.


SKU number 9105306670 
Model FW3000 
Model on label Freshwell 3000 
Scope of delivery AirCon, Remote Control, User Manual, Insallation Material, Installation Manual 
Product Description Under-bench air conditioner for vehicles up to 8 m in length, 2700 W 
General Note The standard recommendation of the vehicle length can vary between manufacturer, vehicle type and isolation, thereby can also the classification of the air conditioning system vary. 
Dimensions product depth 628 mm
Dimensions product height 286 mm
Dimensions product width 400 mm
Net weight 21 kg
Input voltage (AC) 230 V
Input frequency 50 Hz
Thermostat control Electronic Thermostat 
Certificates CB, ECE R10, CE 
EAN-13 6951218414605 
Dimensions parcel depth 700 mm
Dimensions parcel height 365 mm
Dimensions parcel width 455 mm
Parcel weight 25 kg