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How to choose the best RV Air Conditioner?

Choosing the right air conditioner depends on which vehicle you have.

Thermal insulation, window surfaces ...

We are sorry to say there is no standard formula to calculate which air conditioner fits which recreational vehicle. Buildings of the same size and vehicles of the same length can have entirely different thermal properties. Their insulation as well as the number and size of the windows decide on how much heat enters the interior. A well insulated caravan with small windows will require less cooling performance than a vehicle with poor insulation and large window areas.

Vehicle size

The vehicle length is a useful guide when selecting an air conditioning unit. Before you buy you should also take a closer look at the interior of your motorhome or caravan. How are the rooms laid out, and where are you going to place the unit? Do you want to air condition the whole vehicle or part of it? How large is the area of the room that needs cooling?

Don´t save on power!

Make sure the power rating of the air conditioner you pick is a bit higher than necessary for your vehicle.
After all, you can always turn the A/C down to consume less energy.

Type of vehicle
  • Semi-integrated vehicle
  • Integrated vehicle
  • Alcove
  • Caravan

Recreational vehicles with larger window areas place higher demands on the performance of the air conditioning system. The number and size of the windows, in turn, depend on the type of vehicle you have. A semi-integrated motorhome with medium sized windows is already a bit of a challenge for the air conditioner. It will have to work even harder if you have one of those integrated vehicles with large and beautiful panorama windows. Alcoves offer the advantage that the windscreen is shadowed by overhang construction so it will heat up less. Caravans with their relatively small windows are not much of a problem either.

Overview* of air conditioners by vehicle type and lengths

Air Conditioners

*The overview features typical recommendations ideal for vehicles. The classes of air conditioners may vary according to the vehicle type and insulation.