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How do I reseat the isolation valves?

Occasionally, the connection between the connecting hoses and the isolation valves can work themselves loose. Each awning is fully inflated and tested before leaving our factory but the repeated folding, transporting, unfolding and setting up process can sometimes pull on the connection causing it to loosen. This is not a fault with the awning but a maintenance procedure that may have to be performed from time to time.
If you suspect that the awning may be leaking some air then it is more than likely that one, or more of the connections will need to be adjusted. Follow this simple procedure:

  1. Inflate the awning fully.
  2. Go inside the awning and close all of the isolation valves.
  3. Wait for a period of time and recheck the pressure in all the AirPoles by squeezing the poles. If an AirPole has lost pressure, then the seal between one of the connecting hoses and the isolation valves may have become loose.
  4. Identify the affected AirPole and the adjacent isolation valves, there may be more than one valve. Keep the isolation valve closed and fully unscrew the collar on the deflated AirPole side of the valve. This will reveal the push-fit element of the valve and the conical washer.
  5. Ensure that the connecting hose is fully pushed onto the valve.
  6. Slide the conical washer up towards the screw thread on the valve and then screw the collar onto the valve. The washer is conical, and the smaller diameter side must face towards the collar. Screw hand tight then turn a further half turn with the supplied spanner. Over-tightening will not improve and may adversely affect the seal.
  7. Repeat for any other isolation valves on the AirPole.
  8. Open all the isolation valves inside the awning, the AirPole will refill with air. Inflate the awning to the correct pressure.

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