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I see condensation in my window, how is this possible?

Acrylic  is  an  organic  material  which  absorbs  water  in  molecular  form.  This  means  that  water  can  penetrate  the  pane  and  raise  the  humidity  in  the  double-glazing  area. If the external temperature drops, the air between the  two  panes  cools  down. The  superfluous  humidity  settles on the coldest side, that is, on the inner side of the outer pane.

An  effective  way  to  get  rid  of  condensation  is  to  ventilate  the  interior  of  the  vehicle  in  order  to  reduce  the  humidity.  Humidity  is  influenced  by  the  air  circulation.  One  could also  raise  the  interior  temperature.  When  cold  air  is  heated  up,  it  can  thus  absorb vapour. Therefore, your window is not defective should there be condensation between the  two  panes.  You  should  just have  a  little  patience  until  the  condensation disappears.