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Dometic launches unique combo heater

Dusseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 At this year’s Caravan Salon, one of the largest RV show in the world, Dometic introduces a novel solution to the market by combining the cabin heater and hot water supply into one unit. The Dometic CH Combo Heater series provides both cabin heating and warm water supply in a super-fast and energy-saving way and comes with multiple smart control options for ultimate convenience.

Caravan Salon Düsseldoft is one of the largest RV shows in the world with over 268,000 visitors attended in 2019. Visitors to Dometic’s booth this year (Booth C03 in Hall 14) will discover an all-new range of Dometic’s innovation - combo heaters. The Dometic CH Combo Heater is a cabin heating device, as well as a warm water supply unit. The new range is super-fast and energy-saving and comes with many smart control options for ultimate convenience. Two independent circuits for air heating and water warming as well as an additional cabin vent function provide second-to-none flexibility.

Dometic CH Combo Heaters give campers a cozy place to relax after an active day outdoors. The vehicle is comfortably warm inside upon arrival, and there’s enough hot water for several showers in a row, with almost no breaks in-between. A smart control system takes care of everything just in time. A few easy settings on the control panel are enough to program the “coming home” timers for the cabin and water tank heating. It is also possible to save one’s favorite settings for quick recall or set the heater to night mode for a quiet and restful night’s sleep. Another benefit of Dometic’s new 2-in-1 heaters are that they make very economic use of the precious energy resources on board. For example, it is possible to set the time for how long the heater should keep the water warm.

Dometic CH Combo Heaters

Unlike with other combo heater systems available in the market, the water heating works independently of the cabin heating. This means, there’s no need to keep the heater running the whole day. And no need to heat the cabin air to get warm water in the summer either. In addition, the versatile feature of Dometic heaters is an independent vent function, which creates a pleasant indoor climate and can help to prevent mold build-up in critical “cold spot” areas.

It also comes with an intuitive control via the smart new control panel. Simply set your desired temperature with a quick turn of the wheel around the easy to read display. Furthermore, the control panel can be connected via the CI-Bus to the vehicle System. Dometic CH combo heaters will be available in February 2022 at authorized retailers - in different performance classes – 4000 or 6000 W LPG fueled models, or combined LPG/electric version with a full 1800 W extra capacity in electric mode for water heating and air heating on top of the 4000 or 6000 W for ultra-fast heat-up. More information about the innovative heating systems is available at the company’s website.

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