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Dometic Skysol Manual Roofblind

Manual pleated roofblind ideal for larger applications

A sleek solution crafted specifically for integration within fixed or sliding large sunroofs windows, this manually operated blind stands out with its innovative design. Unlike traditional blinds, it operates seamlessly without guide wires, offering a clear aperture and tidy appearance. The Skysol Manual Roofblind is adaptable and can be curved to match various hatch and window shapes, ensuring a custom fit for your vessel. Featuring a reinforced cross bar, this blind is built for enhanced durability and strength. Its framed structure not only adds stability but also maintains an elegant look.

Principales caractéristiques du produit

Robust & Guidewire Free
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Robust & Guidewire Free

Enjoy unobstructed views with no guide wires and a sturdy frame for durability, providing a clear, sleek window solution

Intermediate Integrated Bars
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Intermediate Integrated Bars

Integrated support bars ensure the blind stays taut and prevents sagging along the width of the fabric, maintaining a smooth and neat appearance when closed

Integrates into Existing Sunroofs
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Integrates into Existing Sunroofs

Complements existing sunroofs, enhancing versatility and functionality for seamless integration into your boat's design and layout

Integrated within pre-assembled frame for simple installation

Dual fabric capability for multiple shading function

No visible guidewires when the blind is stowed

Robust moving rail, suitable for larger apertures

Integrates perfectly with marine fixed or sliding sunroofs

Custom fit options available

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