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Dometic SeaStar Power Assist

Power assist unit

The marine industry is continually introducing heavier, more powerful outboard engines. The Dometic SeaStar Steering Power Assist lets you steer these bigger, faster boats with the same comfort and ease that you'd expect when driving a car. Recommended for any boat that is 200 hp and above.

Pas disponible en ligneArt nr: 9130001050 (PA1225-2)
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Easy installation, suitable for wall or floor mount

Dramatically increases steering comfort

Reduced wheel effort

Compatible with Dometic SeaStar Power Purge system and autopilots

Wiring harness included

ABYC, CE, NMMA, ISO 10592 Approved

Automatically recognizes system voltage (12 V or 24 V)

Ultimate steering comfort

Ultimate steering comfort

The Dometic SeaStar Power Assist Steering System is comprised of two circuits: a hand operated manual system, which is the control element, and a hydraulic power pump, which is the working element. The manual system consists of a helm pump with internal relief and check valves, and a built in reservoir. The power system is an electronically controlled hydraulic pump that boosts the fluid being sent from the helm pump to the steering cylinder, resulting in much easier effort at the wheel.

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