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Dometic MasterFlush 8541

Macerator toilet, full-ceramic, flat back, wall switch flush

For an elegant look and easy, convenient cleaning, the Dometic MasterFlush 8541 toilets feature a full-china, smooth-contour, elongated bowl with sleek, modern styling. The standard-height, bidet slow-close seat and wraparound lid provide luxurious residential comfort. The high-performance macerator pump ensures reliably thorough flushing while also operating 30 % more efficiently than other macerator heads.

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Easy to Clean
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Easy to Clean

Smooth-contour bowl

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Technologie de chasse d’eau à broyage

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Couvercle englobant


AVERTISSEMENTCancer ou Reproductive

Bidet seat

Featuring the brand new bidet seat. Bidet seats offer several advantages over toilet paper. Bidets can reduce toilet paper consumption by 75%, in addition to improving comfort, cleanliness and hygiene.

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