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CADAC Dometic 2 Cook 3 Turbo

Dometic lance un nouveau réchaud, léger, avec brûleurs turbo ; le CADAC Dometic 2 Cook 3 Turbo

En ce début de printemps 2024, Dometic lance son tout dernier réchaud mobile. Le 2 Cook 3 Turbo CADAC Dometic est un réchaud innovant, remarquablement léger et équipé de brûleurs turbo qui garantissent une performance élevée tout en réduisant la consommation de gaz & le temps d'ébullition jusqu'à 20%. Ce nouveau réchaud dispose de fonctionnalités avancées qui assure l'arrêt automatique de l'approvisionnement en gaz pour une cuisson plus sûre, tant en intérieur qu'en extérieur.

To bring a feeling of security and confidence in cooking with a gas appliance while camping, Dometic introduces a new version of its popular stove which adding two features; 2 Turbo Burners and a “Flame Failure Device (FFD)”.

The new CADAC Dometic 2 Cook 3 Turbo FFD is a versatile gas stove fitted with this FFD function, ensuring that the gas supply is automatically turned off should the flame be extinguished unexpectedly. This in turn allows for safer cooking in both indoor and outdoor environments. The function is particularly useful when the weather changes, and you need to cook inside of a tent, campervan or motorhome.

CADAC Dometic’s unique design of the turbo burners produces a stronger, more targeted heat emission. This ensures a faster heating time in comparison to other cooking appliances and can reduce gas consumption & boiling time by up to 40%. The two burners are lower in the unit, resulting in a sleek design where they are less sensitive to wind gusts. Each burner works independently as each is fitted with its own control knob and automatic ignition.

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The CADAC Dometic 2 Cook 3 Turbo
The CADAC Dometic 2 Cook 3 Turbo
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