Dometic CoolAir SP 950I
Interior evaporator unit

This air conditioner offers flexibility and a top cooling performance for all types of truck. Installed to the rear wall of the cabin, it leaves the roof space free.
  • Remote control
  • No roof unit needed
  • Three blower speeds
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Control panel
Control panel

Digital status control panel

Remote control
Remote control

Convenient activation of all functions by remote control

Attractive design
Attractive design

Dark grey anthracite colour blends unobtrusively with most cabin interiors

Dometic CoolAir SP 950I
...and more
    • Air flow and temperature can be controlled by remote control
    • Rooftop is left free
    • Five individually adjustable air flow nozzles with three blower speeds
    • Designed to fit on rear wall of cabin
    • Quick and clean installation
    • Adjustable low-voltage protection to reduce strain on vehicle battery

Cool innovation for trucks

Now every truck cabin can be equipped with a stationary air conditioner, even those with roof-mounted units such as spoilers, thanks to the Dometic Coolair SP 950I. Its split system design allows the unit to be mounted on the inside rear wall of the cabin instead of the roof. With a powerful 1000 W compressor effectively cooling and dehumidifying air inside the vehicle: a comfortable temperature is maintained, even when stationary.


SKU-Nummer 9105306668 
Modell SP950 
Modell auf Typenschild SP950I 
Lieferumfang Interior Evaporator Unit. Remote Control. User Manual, Installation Material 
Product Description Interior evaporator unit 
Abmessungen Produkttiefe 144 mm
Abmessungen Produkthöhe 278 mm
Abmessungen Produktbreite 649 mm
Nettogewicht 12 kg
Eingangsspannung (DC) 24 V
Kühlleistung (ISO 5151) 850 W
Leistungsaufnahme – Kühlbetrieb (ISO 5151) 530 W
Anzahl der Luftströme
Zertifikate CE, e1 
EAN-13 6951218411956 
Abmessungen Packstücktiefe 375 mm
Abmessungen Packstückhöhe 550 mm
Abmessungen Packstückbreite 760 mm
Packstückgewicht 16.5 kg