Dometic Back Mount Rack Tilt

NFB Rack Tilt Helm, Single/Dual

Dometic combines its patented No FeedBack technology with the incredible precision and control of a dual cable rack and pinion system. Now more than ever, NFB means performance! Dometic offers Pro Rack for high performance hulls and motors — boats which have engine flutter, experience instability or simply need that extra margin of control at the helm.
n° d'article : 9130004696 (SH91630P)


Numéro SKU 9130004696 
Modèle Rack and Pinion 
Description du produit NFB Rack Tilt Helm, Single/Dual 
Dimensions hauteur du produit 5 1/2 "
Dimensions largeur du produit 9 3/4 "
Poids net 5.27 lbs
Dimensions profondeur du colis 11.60 "
Dimensions hauteur du colis 9.60 "
Dimensions largeur du colis 6 1/2 "
Poids net du colis 5.39 lbs