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Dometic MOBAR™

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The Dometic MoBar is the ultimate mobile beverage center for your outdoor living space. Professionally graded with a timeless state-of-the-art patented design, it doesn’t compromise style for functionality or convenience, allowing hosts and their guests to socialize outdoors without ever missing a moment.


Hosting a get-together with friends and family is one of life’s great pleasures, but it’s not without its challenges – especially in an outdoor setting. With its versatile design features, stylish presentation options and superb cooling performance, the Dometic MoBar is a focal point for bringing people together, while ensuring guests are looked after.


Unlike built-in solutions, the Dometic MoBar is a fully mobile product, offering unprecedented levels of convenience. The MoBar is easy to move thanks to its heavy-duty wheels and ergonomic handle, so it can be placed right at the heart of any outdoor event.


The Dometic MoBar is built to last. Made from commercially graded 304 stainless steel, it can withstand all weather conditions and even the most crowded festive occasions. Aluminum anodized handles, soft closing hinges, heavy-duty wheels and rotomolded insulation all add to the durability of this state-of-the-art outdoor beverage center making it a premium product for a premium experience.

The Dometic MoBar™ Series

MoBar 50

Dometic MoBar 50 is the most compact model of the series. Its size makes it perfect to entertain an intimate group of people on your terrace, balcony, or any get-together.

MoBar 300

Dometic MoBar 300 is the mid-sized model of the series. It allows you to easily entertain friends and family on your patio.

MoBar 550

Dometic MoBar 550 is the ultimate mobile beverage center. It comes with accessories inspired by professional bartenders, and allows you to comfortably host large groups of people in your outdoor living space.


Thanks to its timeless yet robust stainless-steel design and mood enhancing lighting, the Dometic MoBar range is the perfect mobile beverage center to serve and impress hotel and restaurant guests. Developed in collaboration with professional bartenders with detachable speed rails and optional crushed ice and garnish containers for smart storage of fresh garnishes, ice and utensils, it’s equipped to meet the demands of any occasion big or small.

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